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Mixing Metal Fixtures to Elevate Your Home Design

In the world of home improvement and decor, the days of uniform Fixtures for kitchen and bath have given way to a new era of design freedom. No longer are we constrained by the need for perfectly coordinated styles.

Instead, design enthusiasts, including both professionals and avid DIYers, are courageously embracing the concept of integrating different metal fixtures within the same space. This exciting approach not only defies convention but also infuses a newfound depth of character and individuality into our living spaces.

Fixtures, Moen Fixtures, Kohler Fixtures, Toto Fixtures
Moen and Kohler Fixtures at South Broad Kitchen & Bath

1. Embrace the Power of Contrast

Instead of playing it safe with a single metal finish, consider the striking impact of contrasts. Experiment with pairing warm and cool tones, such as brushed nickel and matte black, to create a visual dynamic that captures attention and infuses your space with modern flair.

2. Start with a Dominant Metal

Begin your design journey by selecting a dominant metal finish that sets the tone for the room. This serves as an anchor for your design choices and ensures a cohesive look even when mixing multiple metals.

Fixtures, Moen Fixtures, Kohler Fixtures, Toto Fixtures
TOTO Fixtures at South Broad Kitchen & Bath

3. Introduce Transitional Elements

Transitional pieces, like hardware or lighting fixtures, can act as bridges between different metal finishes. These elements provide a harmonious transition, making it easier to blend metals without creating a disjointed appearance.

4. Consider Undertones

Pay attention to the undertones of each metal finish you're working with. Whether warm or cool, matching undertones across different finishes ensures a harmonious blend that prevents clashing.


The art of mixing metal finishes stands as a testament to our desire for individuality and creativity. By incorporating these expert tips, you can craft spaces that reflect your personal style while exuding sophistication and visual intrigue.

Embrace the freedom to blend metals and embark on a design journey that redefines the boundaries of modern home decor.

Reach out to our team today to learn more on the different fixture options we carry such as Moen, Kohler, and TOTO.

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